Federal Funds Available for Schools

In December 2020, as part of COVID-19 financial relief, Congress allocated more funds schools can use to address issues related to the pandemic – specifically learning loss. The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Round II (ESSER II) can be used for a wide variety of activities.

You can find your school district or charter school’s preliminary allocation on PDE’s website.

We suggest you begin conversations now with your administrators on ways to use some of the ESSER II funds for your music programs. You may also want to inquire about the allocation of the first round of ESSER funds in case there is unallocated funds in your district or charter school.

Here is a list of possible ways you can use the ESSER finds. Keep in mind the goal of these funds is to address learning loss during the pandemic.

  • Paying for remediation in music education – in school or after school programming
  • A learning “camp” to address learning loss
  • Purchase of software that assists with in person, hybrid, or remote learning and assessment
  • Facility repairs and improvements including proper ventilation
  • Instrument sanitizing supplies
  • PPE for music classes – masks, bell covers, etc
  • Purchase or rental of instruments for students that are financially unable to obtain them
  • Purchase or rental of instruments that were typically shared by students but more are needed to avoid sharing
  • Professional development for music educators related to in-person learning in a safe way

Materials needed to set up a classroom with a physical distance between students (sheet music, music stands, media cart, etc.)